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Jul 21, 2017 · Scottish fold kittens used to have a-lot of health issues. However, over the years of good breeders carefully selecting only the healthiest Scottish folds and breeding only the healthiest Scottish folds. The health risk is not much of an issue now. The breed became a trending subject in recent years thanks to the popular songstress Taylor Swift, who often shows off pictures of her two Scottish fold cats on her various social media accounts. Trending or not, the Scottish fold cat has been a popular choice due to its sweet nature and entertaining disposition.

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New South Wales: Breed: Munchkin: Location: Rhodes: Cattery: Captain-Meow: Website: Visit Website Breeder:
My new 6 week old Scottish Fold munchkin kitten, that we actually named Munchkin, but we usually call her Munchie. For some more vids of Munchie check out my channel.My new 6 week old Scottish Fold munchkin kitten, that we actually named Munchkin, but we usually call her Munchie. For some more vids of So Munchkin recently celebrated her 12th birthday. She is still happy, healthy and living the good life. I can't believe how this video exploded over the years, the...

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Breeds: Munchkin, Scottish Fold. About: Small in home breeder of Standard Munchkins and Scottish kilts and folds. We breed in a loving Breeds: Himalayan, Minuet, Munchkin, Persian, Ragamuffin. About: I am an experienced breeder of Persians, Himalayans, Ragamuffins, and Minuets...
The Scottish Fold is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant-gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout the body, causing the ears to "fold", bending forward and down towards the front of the head, which gives the cat what is often described as an "owl-like" appearance. The Munchkin has similar characteristics to normal domestic cats, due to their frequent use as out-crosses. It is a small to medium sized cat with a moderate body type and medium-plush coat. Male Munchkins typically weigh between 6 to 9 pounds (3-4 kg) and are usually larger than female Munchkins, which typically weigh between 4 to 8 pounds.

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Working with Emmers Scottish Folds and Straights has been THE single best experience I've had while acquiring a new furry family member. We picked out Wilson when he was 5 weeks old and from that moment on we started receiving detailed updates on our little guy as he progressed through 16 weeks.
Munchkin Find DNA Tests. Search Keywords ... Three of the mutations are fairly breed specific, while the fourth is present in all long-haired cat breeds and crossbreds. Easily recognized by their unique folded ears, Scottish Folds are outgoing and love their humans. Learn more about this unique breed's health, history and Although responsible breeders do their best to eliminate serious diseases, the Scottish Fold may still suffer from degenerative joint disease...

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Finding a Scottish Fold cat breeder in Oregon can be difficult, but we’ve done all of the hard work for you. We’ve spent hours researching to find all of the different Scottish Fold cat breeders in Oregon and you can find our full list below.
The Siamese is an extremely intelligent breed of cat. They are the most verbal and talkative of cat breeds and enjoy giving their human…. The Scottish Fold cat is most notoriously known for its unique ears and wide-eyed expression. Scottishfold Munchkins - Scottish fold munchkin kittens are a cross breed between a munchkin cat and a Scottish fold cat.They Scottish fold munchkin kittens are known for thei (Virginia). (Connecticut). ShortNaps Cattery - We are a CFA and TICA Registered...

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Munchkin Kitten For Sale. Although the physical adorableness of the Munchkin is undeniable, the personality of this cat breed is especially endearing. Although every cat is an individual, a Munchkin is typically a true extrovert, who loves people (including children), other cats, and even dogs.
Meow! Why buy a Scottish Fold kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of Scottish Fold kittens who need a home. Aug 05, 2010 · All my Scottish Fold Kittens are raised in my home. We breed selectively for temperament and health and beauty. We offer adorable Scottish fold munchkin kittens and Scottish fold kittens colors including white, blue, cream, red, silver, cameo, brown, Colico, chinchilla, blue-cream, tortoiseshell, black etc.

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Home ==> Breeds ==> Scottish Fold ==> Cat Breeders ==> Washington Deluxe listings are in order of their start date to reward loyalty – especially those that have been with us for many years! Please look below the deluxe listings for our free listings in alphabetical order.
Meet the cutest Scottish fold munchkin kitten. This Munchkin kitten is so adorable and playful. Enjoy the cuteness from Fun With ... 4 and 5 week old Scottish Kilt (Scottish Fold Munchkin) kittens exploring the nursery DivaKits